The Project 324 kit makes it easy to convert your Slingshot from 3 to 4 wheels.


  About the Project   

Project 324 was developed to make it easy to add a fourth tire to your Slingshot to improve performance, handling and safety.
  • Launch harder off the line with two wheels putting down the power (especially important in boosted applications)

  • Stop shorter with four brakes and more rubber touching the ground

  • Experience less body roll with two tires carrying the rear of the vehicle

  • Corner with confidence with more rear grip



  How it Works   

Project 324 Kit + Your Slingshot

The Project 324 kit is a DIY 3 to 4 wheel conversion kit for your Slingshot. This means you can assemble and install the kit yourself.

But don't worry! We've done all of the fabrication and other hard work for you so assembling and installing the kit is very simple.

** Installers are also available. Please contact your nearest dealer to ask about having the kit installed. **



  Build Process   

A Simple Weekend Project
  1. Disassemble the rear of your Slingshot to remove the swing arm and angle drive.

  2. Bolt the Project 324 frame and suspension to the rear of your Slingshot.

  3. Replace the Slingshot driveshaft with the supplied Project 324 drive shaft.

  4. Connect the Slingshot brake hose, parking brake cable and wheel speed sensor.

  5. Bleed the brakes, install the rear wheels and hit the road.


  Where to Buy   

Project 324 Dealers and Installers

All of the Project 324 frames, suspension and other manufactured parts are fabricated in a single shop before being distributed to dealers and installers across the country.

These manufactured parts are identical between dealers except for the rear plate logo designs.

Some dealers and installers offer upgraded brakes, shocks and other components. Please check with the various dealers and installers to see these options.


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